Volunteer Opportunities

CV-Well is building its inaugural Executive Committee and Leadership Team!

CV-Well has launched with a team of leaders in place who are dedicated to forwarding its mission and helping its members achieve their professional goals.  If you would like to be part of a team that values and practices

  • collaboration and teamwork within the DPG and the Academy, and with other health professionals
  • respecting and honoring the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of all people
  • utilizing innovation and creativity to solve problems and advance the profession
  • supporting and challenging each other to strive for excellence
  • cultivating a sense of belonging by providing members with a welcoming professional home
  • fostering a culture of joy and playfulness,
consider volunteering for one of the following Executive Committee or Specialty Committee roles:
  • Chair Elect
  • Secretary
  • Education Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Nominating Committee
  • Networking Events Director
  • CV-Well Content Expert (Well-being)
  • Symposium Director
  • Social Media Director
  • External Relationships Director
If interested in an above mentioned position, please fill out this brief  LEADERSHIP POSITION INTEREST FORM.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities will also become available for small and large projects on a rolling basis.

Volunteering offers a wide range of professional development opportunities including marketing your abilities, developing leadership and other skills, networking, mentoring, and being mentored. Volunteering can also enable you to make a difference, have influence, enhance your career, and support your colleagues. If you are interesting in volunteering for a project now or in the future, please tell us more about yourself and your interest HERE.

The groundwork for CV-Well was created by a team of passionate professionals who believe in the mission and vision of this DPG; don't miss the chance to contribute to building a foundation on which your DPG will thrive!