About CV-Well DPG

About CV-Well DPG

The Cardiovascular Health and Well-being dietetic practice group equips members to be the nutrition experts in promoting cardiovascular health (prevention and treatment), well-being, and physical activity.

Who are we?

Members work in diverse health arenas such as clinical settings, corporate well-being, community nutrition, private practice, research, education, and government.

Our Vision

A world where hearts are healthy and people thrive, empowered and equipped by nutrition professionals.

Our Mission

Inspire, energize and equip members to support people in choosing healthy eating habits and active, positive lifestyles to optimize cardiovascular health (prevention and treatment) and overall well-being.

Our Goals

It is the goal of CV-Well to provide leadership in promoting the role of nutrition and active lifestyles in the areas of cardiovascular health and well-being. To accomplish this goal, CV-Well will:

  • Identify the continuing education needs of dietetic professionals in the areas of cardiovascular health and well-being; provide information to members on the availability of existing CV-Well continuing education programs; and develop and promote resources to meet these needs.
  • Develop and empower volunteers to be leaders within CV-Well and the profession.
  • Promote the expertise of CV-Well members and increase access to the services they provide by advocating for supportive policies, legislative initiatives, and reimbursement.
  • Foster collaborative partnerships to further the mission and vision of CV-Well through community engagement, network alliances, education, and research.

Our Values

  • Foster collaboration and teamwork within the DPG and the Academy, and with other health professionals.
  • Respect and honor the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of all people.
  • Spark innovation and creativity to solve problems and advance the profession.
  • Support and challenge each other to strive for excellence.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging by providing members with a welcoming professional home.
  • Create a culture of joy and playfulness.

Annual Report

Please review the annual report below to learn more about CV Well's activities, member statics, finances, and more.

2022-2023 Annual Report