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CPEU credits are among several other benefits to members. Members must meet the CV-Well membership eligibility requirement in order to receive credit.

DPG/MIGs are being integrated with the Academy’s Learning Management System (LMS) that supports easy access to webinar recordings, quizzes, CPE newsletter articles and CPEU certificates. The LMS connects with the Academy’s online eatrightSTORE to increase awareness and visibility of CV-Well’s continued education and opportunity for membership.

Integrating with the LMS allows CV-Well members to have one-stop access to their CPE history. Members will find CPE certificates for any Academy CPE items including DPG/MIG items within the LMS making it easier to track history and find certificates.

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CV-Well Pathways CPEU

Publication/Webinar Titles Quiz

Fall 2021 Pathways:

- Physical Activity and Weight Management: What Is the Role of Constrained Daily Energy Expenditure?
- Vital Signs: The Essential Discussion of Physical Activity

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This quiz must be submitted no later than November 12, 2024. CPE credit will not be awarded for submissions received after that date.


Publication/Webinar Titles Quiz

Spring 2021 PULSE:

- Fueling Firefighters to Promote Health and Fitness: How Sport Performance Dietitians Can Work With First-Responders
- Dietary Protein Requirements and Lean Body Mass: A New Marker for Adequacy?

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Winter 2021 PULSE:

- Gut-Lung Axis in COVID-19 Pathology and Treatment: Considerations for Athletes

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Summer 2020 PULSE:

- Critical Care for Patients with Eating Disorders

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Performance-Centered Plant-Based Diets for Athletes Purchase Here
Food-First Eating Patterns to Maximize Health and Human Performance Purchase Here
The Practical Assessment and Management of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) Purchase Here
Speaking their Language & Getting them to Change: Working with the Gen Z Athlete Purchase Here
Vitamin D and Omega-3…Translating Tricky Topics into Action for Athletes Purchase Here

Spring 2020 PULSE:

- Oral Health Disparities in Athletes
- Blueberries for Cardiovascular Health: An Update on Clinical Evidence and Possible Mechanisms

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Winter 2020 PULSE:

- Anthracycline Chemotherapy-Associated Cardiotoxicity: Lifestyle Interventions to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk
- Effects of Creatine and Resistance Training on Cognition in Older Adults
- Common Indian Spices and Health Benefits

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Summer 2019 PULSE:

- The Safety and Efficacy of Beta-Alanine Supplementation
- Insulin Resistance: Stair Stepping-Based Activity as a Therapeutic Treatment Strategy
- Weight Differential: Distinguishing Typical and Atypical Anorexia Nervosa Diagnoses

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